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Landscape Plantings

Tree, shrub and flower installations are what most people think of when it comes to landscaping.

In our “Softscapes” project gallery you will find a number of different landscape settings with a wide variety of plant materials shown.

Plant material can be used to soften and cool a landscape when used in conjunction with hardscapes.  Plants will offer a visual relief for your outdoor spaces.  In addition, plants are a workhorse in water and air quality improvement in the environment.   Proper selection and installation of plant material can help to mitigate erosion, reduce energy bills for a home and of course provide natural beauty to a residential setting and added value to the home.

Your experienced landscape designer will suggest plants to complete your softscape that should perform for your location, exposure, and site conditions. Any particular plant requests can be worked into the design as long as the site conditions and zone are right for the plant.

Clarendon Landscape Softcape Design

Moss Phlox cascade over a Tennessee Ashlar Wall in Clarendon, VA.


Please click here to view our landscape plantings / softscapes gallery.

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