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Landscape Design FAQs

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: We started Grigg Design in 1986. We have enjoyed steady, quality oriented growth over the last 30+ years. As we enter our 32nd year as a Class A Contractor in the Commonwealth of Virginia, we look forward to the future with excitement.

 Q: Do you have a minimum?

A: We currently have a $2500.00 minimum. Our average project is in the five figure range. On larger projects, some clients will do the design in stages. We will work with the client to establish the best installation sequence.

Q: How do I establish a budget for my landscape design/build project?

A: Based on the scope of work, budgets can vary greatly. We can give you ranges of budgets you can expect to work in based on other similar projects.

Q: What is the Process for getting started?

A: For clients that we will be working with for the first time, the process is as follows:

  • A phone consultation will allow us to assess the general scope of the intended project
  • We will then schedule a date and time for our first visit. The initial pre-qualified visit is free

At the first visit, we will be able to quote you a design fee. The design fee will vary based on the anticipated size of the project. The design fee is used to cover the creative costs of developing your personalized landscaping. Note: Not all projects will require a design fee.

If the project is initiated, the design fee becomes part of the deposit on the job. We require a 50% deposit. Larger projects can be broken into payment schedules. We do accept all major credit cards.

 Q: How long will the project last?

A: That varies with the size of the job. However, the crew will work on your project exclusively until the project is completed.

 Q: Who does the work?

A: The work will be performed by our in house full time uniformed staff. All of our current foremen have been with us over 5 years. Certain specialized trade requirements will be done by a select group of contractors that we have worked with over the years. Your designer remains the contact person throughout the project. They will perform on site inspections to check on the
progress of the project.

Q: What else can you tell me about Grigg Design, Inc?

A: We are a multiple award winning landscape design build firm. Please view the pictures of past projects on our web page. These will give you a feel for our companies style and range.

We hope to be creating your dream landscape design/build project for you soon.

Thank You!

Grigg Design Team


Steve Grigg

Juanita Grigg Landscape Designer Northern Virginia

Juanita M. Grigg


Sam Eashum

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