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Basically, the single most important factor affecting your plants is water. Lack of water or improper watering practices can quickly determine the life or death of a plant.

When plants are put into the ground, they will sometimes show shock. This can be seen by browning of leaves, dropping of leaves or a general stunted appearance. One reason this happens is because the root system of the plant is undergoing an adjustment period. Roots will die back or die altogether. Since you can only have on top what the roots can support, you can see leaf browning or droop.

To help avoid this, proper watering procedures should be followed. During the first year following planting, new plants should be watered every 2-3 days during the growing season. This is especially important during long periods of hot, dry weather and in the fall for evergreens.

The length of time for watering should be long enough for the ground around the roots to become soaked. The water should saturate the soil to at least the bottom of the root ball.

Do not water for short periods of time. This will develop a shallow root system. A shallow root system will not allow the plant to survive drought periods as all of the roots will be close to the soil surface. You need a deep root system for the plants to survive.

Keep the mulch layer at approximately 2.5 inches deep. Mulch aids in retaining soil moisture, keeping down weeds and improving the soils’ organic content. We recommend the use of shredded hardwood bark mulch.

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