Tonight’s All About the Safe Operation of Your Fire Pit in Fairfax

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Fall is your favorite season of all; the days are warm, but the nights are crisp. Wrapped up in a cozy sweater as soon as the sun goes down, all you want to do is sit outside as a cool breeze blows through the trees, the faintest glimmer of stars twinkling in the night sky above.

With a warm beverage, and marshmallows for roasting, yep, tonight’s all about the fire pit. You can’t wait to light that fire, but first, heed a few important tips:

Keep and care for your wood-burning fire pit in Fairfax.

Lighting your fire pit

Using your fire pit

Extinguishing your fire pit

Interested in having a fire pit installed in your backyard?

For nearly 30 years, we have been providing award winning hardscape designs and installations to clients in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William County and the surrounding areas. Ask around, and your neighbors will tell you:

When the question is fire pit installation in Fairfax VA, the answer is Grigg Design.

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