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Tonight’s All About the Safe Operation of Your Fire Pit in Fairfax

Veneered Block Wall, Fire pit & Patio | Fairfax VA

Veneered Block Wall, Fire pit & Patio | Fairfax VA

Fall is your favorite season of all; the days are warm, but the nights are crisp. Wrapped up in a cozy sweater as soon as the sun goes down, all you want to do is sit outside as a cool breeze blows through the trees, the faintest glimmer of stars twinkling in the night sky above.

With a warm beverage, and marshmallows for roasting, yep, tonight’s all about the fire pit. You can’t wait to light that fire, but first, heed a few important tips:

Keep and care for your wood-burning fire pit in Fairfax.

Lighting your fire pit

  • Ensure the area surrounding your fire pit is clear of flammable materials. A minimum of five-feet’s break in vegetation will help prevent spreading in the unfortunate event of an escaped fire.
  • Always check the wind direction before you light a fire, and remove from the area downwind anything that is, or might be flammable.
  • If the night is too windy, do not light your fire pit.
  • Never use lighter fluid to light a wood-burning fire pit in Fairfax, Virginia. Instead, use a commercially approved fire starter or kindling. Likewise, do not stoke already lit flames with flammable liquids.
  • Only use the amount of starter + wood you need to keep the fire burning gently.

Using your fire pit

  • Never leave a fire pit unattended. Nor should you leave children or pets alone near a lit fire pit in northern Virginia. While you don’t need to hire private security guards, installing a security camera might not be a bad idea for a number of reasons.
  • Ask Grigg Design about a wire mesh cover for your wood-burning fire pit. Such a cover will keep hot embers inside the fire pit, and little fingers or furry tails out.
  • Never put garbage or paper products into the fire. These items are often filled with volatile chemicals that spark easily.
  • Don’t wear flammable or loose-fitting clothes near the fire pit.
  • Burn only dry, hardwood in the fire pit. Softer woods like pine or cedar burn quickly, which can cause flames that pop and spark.

Extinguishing your fire pit

  • Extinguish the fire with water. Drown the fire, and if necessary, cover with dirt to ensure the flames are fully subdued.
  • Dispose of the ashes safely. Consider using a discarded metal coffee can to allow the ashes to cool for two or three days; before this time, they may still be hot enough to cause a fire, and so disposal in a compost pile, a cardboard box, or anything combustible might be a recipe for disaster.

Interested in having a fire pit installed in your backyard?

For nearly 30 years, we have been providing award winning hardscape designs and installations to clients in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William County and the surrounding areas. Ask around, and your neighbors will tell you:

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