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  • Tree Options to Plant in Your Yard

    Choosing the right tree for your yard takes a lot of planning and consideration.  You should start this process by asking: What reason do I want or need a tree? Is it for shade, privacy, or appearance? Many trees start out looking great and only get better as they age. Others have the potential to […]

  • The Latest Trends in Patio Designs

    Most people focus on the inside of their home, forgetting the space that’s used most during the summer. Your patio is the perfect spot for entertaining and soaking in those extra hours of daylight. With the right design, your patio can be transformed into a fully functional living space. Bring the Inside Out One of […]

  • How to Choose a Landscape Designer

    A professionally designed landscape increases the beauty and value of your home, while enhancing the quality of your time spent outdoors. The right landscape designer can help you create a space that’s perfect for entertaining and relaxing. It’s important to take the time necessary to find a quality landscape designer that is able to turn […]

  • Achieve a Low Maintenance Landscape

    Could your yard use a little landscaping makeover? While 67% of Americans responded to a recent survey by Harris Poll for the National Association of Landscape Professionals saying they agree that professional landscaping would help them have a better yard, DIY projects can give you the same results. With the right landscape supplies, a little […]

  • When All You Want for Christmas is a Manassas VA Landscape Contractor You Can Trust, Call Grigg Design

    All you want for Christmas is a brand new backyard to enjoy when summer comes back ‘round. So that’s what will be. Instead of exchanging gifts this season, you’ve decided to undertake a landscaping project, to build the patio and fire pit you’ve always wanted. Setting specific goals will help determine what type of professional […]

  • Protect Your Garden from that First Fairfax Frost

    The days are shorter and colder, and soon everything will freeze. Everything except your plants, you hope. Protecting your garden from the frost is as simple as covering and keeping it warm, but also a complex task that begins with a proactive effort: Select the location for your garden with care. It’s important to consider […]

  • Fall is for Fairfax Landscaping

    Fall is For Fairfax Landscaping If there’s a time to start a landscaping project in Fairfax, it’s right now. In the fall. Just ask any professional: The plants will endure less stress, and do quite well as they lie dormant all winter. Come spring, these same plants will have become accustomed to the cold, and […]

  • Location and site selection are key to having a successful landscape

    Location, Location, Location! So you just had your Father’s Day cookout, and realized your yard wasn’t nearly as attractive as you remembered. There’s crispy perennials in the hot sun, spindly shrubs in the shade, and that overgrown tree 5 feet from your house. You water the flowers every day, load the shrubs with fertilizer, and […]

  • Increase the Value of your Northern VA Home with Landscaping

    An excellent landscape design/installation that combines a nice selection of nursery grade plants and expertly installed hardscapes can add 5.5 % to 12.7 % to a home’s value, according to research done by Virginia Tech. Are you unsuccessfully trying to sell your home or thinking of selling your home soon? Spring and Summer can be […]

  • Experience & Knowledge Trumps Low Prices

    Like most things in life, you get what you pay for–and you expect to pay more for experience and knowledge. For instance, companies pay employees who have 15 years of experience more than a recent college graduate.  This same pay scale applies when selecting a landscape design company in Northern Virginia; you would expect to […]

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