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Paver Patio & Drystack Walls


  • Retaining Wall Design and Construction

    A retaining wall is an important structure. These walls are responsible for keeping soil off walkways, roads, driveways, and patios. While retaining walls are functional structures, they are highly visible. It’s important that functionality isn’t the only consideration in their design. Creating a retaining wall is not a simple task. These walls must hold the […]

  • Creative Ideas for Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls help keep soil and plant life from escaping from their designated areas.  Although these walls are often thought of as purely functional, they can also be used to add your own unique style to your landscape. Retaining walls can be made from different materials to add texture and color to your outdoor living […]

  • Keep Your New Year’s Resolution: Design the Best Lawn on the Block

    Your New Year’s resolution? To landscape the most beautiful lawn on the block. This is a commitment you’re determined to keep, and how. But it’s wintertime. The grass is dead. Snow and freezing temperatures threaten dormant plants. Ah, you suppose your Fairfax VA landscaping project is better left for spring. One might think, but no. […]

  • Tonight’s All About the Safe Operation of Your Fire Pit in Fairfax

    Fall is your favorite season of all; the days are warm, but the nights are crisp. Wrapped up in a cozy sweater as soon as the sun goes down, all you want to do is sit outside as a cool breeze blows through the trees, the faintest glimmer of stars twinkling in the night sky […]

  • Retaining Wall Design and Construction In Northern VA

    Grigg Design offers retaining wall design and construction throughout Northern VA.  Runoff and soil erosion are big problems that plague many northern Virginia homeowners like you. You’re sick of it, and looking for a solution that’s effective but also stylish… Grigg Design can help. Protect your property and enhance the aesthetic beauty of your landscape […]

  • Grigg Design Builds the Hardscapes Northern Virginia Loves

    When it comes to northern VA hardscapes, our work speaks for itself. At Grigg Design, we love real stone. For this homeowner in Burke, Grigg Design was hired to plan, install and perfect a dry stack stone wal, a random run full range color flagstone patio, and a sitting wall. And let’s not forget to […]

  • Fall is For Planting: See Grigg Design at the Capital Remodel + Garden Show This Weekend, September 25–27

    PRESS RELEASE Manassas Park, Virginia — September 17, 2015 Fall is for planting — and for attending the Capital Remodel + Garden Show at the Dulles Expo Center next weekend, September 25-27. Northern Virginia’s premier landscape builder Grigg Design will be on hand to showcase a variety of hardscape features and perfect-for-Autumn foliage to transform […]

  • Throw a Great Labor Day Party, In Your Great New Backyard

    Finally, the weekend you’ve waited all summer for has arrived: It’s Labor Day weekend in northern Virginia. You’re known around the neighborhood for throwing the best, the most elaborate Labor Day parties around. And this year will be no different. In fact, it’ll be better. Why will this year’s party be better? This year’s Labor […]

  • Grigg Design Can Build the Northern Virginia Hardscape of Your Dreams

    Fire pits are cool. Patios and walkways are too. But don’t think for a minute that your northern Virginia hardscape options are limited, because they’re not. Grigg Design is the expert, the go-to, the household name for all things landscape and hardscape, design and build. Want a snazzy water feature? Grigg Design can build it. […]

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