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  • Fall is For Planting: See Grigg Design at the Capital Remodel + Garden Show This Weekend, September 25–27

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    Manassas Park, Virginia — September 17, 2015

    Fall is for planting — and for attending the Capital Remodel + Garden Show at the Dulles Expo Center next weekend, September 25-27. Northern Virginia’s premier landscape builder Grigg Design will be on hand to showcase a variety of hardscape features and perfect-for-Autumn foliage to transform your yard into the oasis you deserve, all year long.

    Capital Remodel + Garden Show attendees will find innovative products, new ideas, and practical advice from hardscape design and landscaping experts (Find Grigg Design on the show floor in booth #1123.); home improvement and remodeling professionals; entertainment and electronics options galore; and so much more!

    “Too many people think ‘fall’, and think their opportunity to design and build the perfect backyard has passed, but really, fall is the perfect time for planting,” said Steve Grigg, Owner of Grigg Design, Inc. “Effective landscape and hardscape design is about finding the perfect mix of the creative and the practical; and it just so happens, that’s what Grigg Design is all about. That’s what we hope to continue to show the good people of northern Virginia next weekend, and for years to come.”

    Grigg Design — a Virginia Society of Landscape Designers Certified Designer with nearly 30 years in business — boasts a Class A Contractors License, and many safety awards, as well as a Houzz Recommend Award. Grigg is northern Virginia’s most trusted name in landscape and hardscape design.

    See them at the Dulles Expo Center, September 25-27; say hello in booth #1123, and learn more about taking your hardscape/softscapes landscape project from idea to reality. Register to attend the Capital Remodel + Garden Show today.

    About Grigg Design, Inc.

    Established in 1986, Grigg Design has been providing award winning designs and installations for over twenty-five years to clients in Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, Prince William County and the surrounding areas. Grigg Design is a full service landscape design build firm; from conception to completion, their primary focus is providing clients with a finished, fully functional landscape, from design all the way through implementation. Hire the expert team at Grigg Design to install a single feature such as a garden installation, patio, walkway, retaining wall, etc.; or to manage a project with many facets. Grigg ‘designs on the human scale’, all while employing the best horticultural engineering practices. For more information, visit

  • Throw a Great Labor Day Party, In Your Great New Backyard

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    Finally, the weekend you’ve waited all summer for has arrived:

    It’s Labor Day weekend in northern Virginia.

    You’re known around the neighborhood for throwing the best, the most elaborate Labor Day parties around. And this year will be no different. In fact, it’ll be better.

    Why will this year’s party be better?

    This year’s Labor Day party is sure to be the shindig-iest because all summer long, you’ve worked with northern Virginia’s landscape and hardscape design experts to build a new flagstone patio, complete with an outdoor grill and a fancy water feature too.

    Your new backyard oasis will be complete, and ready for the big reveal this weekend. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the party preparation… on a little slimmer budget. (After all, you did just go all out on the backyard.)

    Throw a great Labor Day party on a budget.

    Dig into the hot dogs and the hamburgers, not your savings account.

    Keep it simple.

    It’s a summer party, folks. No one expects dishes with a lot of ingredients, and no one expects you to have slaved over a hot stove for hours and hours. Grill burgers and hot dogs, and corn and watermelon, too!

    Simple dishes that require fewer ingredients means fewer items to buy, and more time spent enjoying the great outdoors. Throw back a cold one; take a dip in the pool; and enjoy the fruits of Grigg Design’s labor.

    Skip the disposables.

    Sure, the clean up may be faster and easier when you choose to use paper plates, plastic utensils and the like, but it’ll cost a lot more to purchase these items than it will if you just wash your own dishes. Use as many regular plates and utensils as you can, and supplement with disposable items. You’ll be helping your wallet and the environment at the same time.

    Rely on the kindness of your friends.

    Every time you throw a party, someone asks, “What can I bring?” Don’t be too proud. Your friends will be more than happy to bring a pasta salad, or a dessert, or drinks. Voila! There’s more food for everyone to enjoy, and less stress (and money spent) for you.

    Limit the drinks.

    Provide water and lemonade, and maybe a case of beer. That’s all you really need. Party guests want something else to drink? Tell them, “Feel free to BYOB.”

    Enjoy the waning days of sweet summer in northern Virginia…

    Enjoy your new backyard, courtesy of Grigg Design.

  • Grigg Design Can Build the Northern Virginia Hardscape of Your Dreams

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    Fire pits are cool.

    Patios and walkways are too.

    But don’t think for a minute that your northern Virginia hardscape options are limited, because they’re not. Grigg Design is the expert, the go-to, the household name for all things landscape and hardscape, design and build. Want a snazzy water feature? Grigg Design can build it. Want a great place to play games, or just relax? Grigg Design can build it.

    Whatever the hardscape you want in your northern Virginia backyard, Grigg Design can build it.

    5. Get your drink on, on your backyard tiki bar built by Grigg Design.


    4. Or maybe play a round of checkers.

    3. Wade through your very own northern Virginia stream.


    2. Enjoy a meal under the stars.

    1. Or relax after a long day at your high pressure Washington DC job.

    If you want it in your northern Virginia backyard:

    Grigg Design can build it.

    Family owned and in business for nearly 30 years, we at Grigg Design pride ourselves on the ability to effectively and efficiently take our customers’ landscape and hardscape dreams, and turn them into reality.

    Hire the expert team at Grigg Design to install a single feature such as a garden installation, patio, walkway, retaining wall, etc.; or to manage a project with many facets.

  • Summer Is A Fine Time For Landscape Design in Northern Virginia

    Posted By : Grigg Design Related Categories : Landscaping

    Ah, summer.

    The season of garden-fresh vegetables, and grilling on the patio with friends.

    The season of quiet reflection beside a bubbling fountain; of watching children as they jump from stone to stone along the path through your backyard.

    In whatever way you choose to spend, summer is the season for being outdoors.

    It’s now you start thinking of how you can spruce up the backyard for your granddaughter’s wedding at the end of June, or the big Fourth of July party you’ll throw.

    Now is the time to call Grigg Design:

    For all of your landscape & hardscape, design and build projects in northern Virginia, the family-owned Grigg Design is the expert, and we’re listening to the experts.

    An industry survey has revealed latest residential landscape design trends.

    It’s all about sustainable, and low-maintenance design in 2015. According to the 2015 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), the most popular design elements were those that demanded ecological sensitivity: to preserve the environment, conserve water, and reduce landscape maintenance.

    ASLA expects the following project types to be among the most sought-out landscape, and hardscape designs for 2015:

    • Native plants (85 percent)
    • Native/adapted drought-tolerant plants (83 percent)
    • Food/vegetable gardens (79 percent)
    • Fire pits/fireplaces (78 percent)
    • Low-maintenance landscapes (78 percent)
    • Permeable paving (77 percent)
    • Drip/water-efficient irrigation (74 percent)
    • Rain gardens (74 percent)
    • Lighting (72 percent)
    • Rainwater/graywater harvesting (71 percent)

    “Consumers care about designed landscapes that are attractive, easy to take care of and eco-friendly,” said Nancy Somerville, Honorary ASLA, executive vice president and CEO of ASLA. “The survey shows that homeowners increasingly see opportunities to improve the environment right in their own backyard.”

    There are projects, and then there are amenities.

    Among those who seek out the work of landscape and hardscape design enthusiasts such as Grigg Design is well know around northern Virginia for, survey respondents indicated to ASLA that after sustainability in terms of importance ranked amenities.

    But what amenities, specifically?

    • Fire pits/fireplaces (78 percent)
    • Lighting (72 percent)
    • Grills (63 percent)
    • Outdoor furniture (63 percent)
    • Seating/dining areas (63 percent)
    • Wireless/internet connectivity (60 percent)
    • Planters, sculptures, garden accessories (55 percent)
    • Counter space (53 percent)
    • Outdoor heaters (46 percent)
    • Stereo systems (45 percent)
    • Movie/TV/video theaters – 38 percent)
    • Utility storage (38 percent)
    • Sinks (37 percent)
    • Refrigerators (35 percent)
    • Outdoor cooling systems (including fans) (29 percent)
    • Showers/baths (27 percent)
    • Hammocks (20 percent)
    • Bedrooms/sleeping spaces (9 percent)

    Interested in designing, and installing a rainwater garden, or an outdoor patio perfect for sitting, and sipping, and dining? Call northern Virginia’s landscape, design, and build experts: Grigg Design.

    This annual survey conducted by ASLA was redesigned for 2015, and a new methodology for clearly ranking the popularity of different types of landscape projects was introduced.

    Founded in 1899, ASLA is the national professional association for landscape architects, representing more than 15,000 members in 49 professional chapters and 72 student chapters. Landscape architects lead the stewardship, planning, and design of our built and natural environments; the Society’s mission is to advance landscape architecture through advocacy, communication, education, and fellowship.

  • Get a Head Start on Spring Landscaping Projects in Northern Virginia

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    When air temperatures in northern Virginia are frigid, it can be hard to imagine the beauty of spring, but I encourage you to try. The truth is, the days of patio sitting (& sipping), of lush greenery, of backyard barbecues are closer than you think.

    In fact, due to a relatively mild — HA! Sure doesn’t seem that way now, does it? — winter in northern Virginia, that snow-blanketed ground has never completely frozen, so the time to think spring is now! Yes, you heard me right. The time to start planning, and laying the groundwork for your outdoor spring landscaping projects is today.

    Landscape Design & Planting

    The process of landscape design and planting is nothing if not detail-oriented, and it’s these details that make hiring the right northern Virginia landscape design and build firm so important.

    Come, bring us your vision, and let Grigg Design turn that dream into reality. We take functionality into account — access, exposure, water requirements, erosion, privacy, and more — before the conversation of aesthetics can begin. Oh, and let’s not forget about budget. We’ll talk honestly and openly about cost, and will work with you to achieve the landscape you want without breaking the bank.

    With all of the nitty gritty out of the way, the fun can begin! Our expert design and build team loves to talk about COLOR, the right sequence for the right blooms, and texture. We love plants. There’s no two ways around it. Plant material can be used to soften and cool a landscape when used in conjunction with hardscape (We’ll talk about the fun that is hardscaping next.); plant material offers visual relief for your outdoor spaces; and plant material is, put simply, pretty.

    Patios & Walkways

    Hardscaping. That’s not a term you hear often, and frankly, you’re not even sure what it means. But really, it’s not as complicated or as foreign as it sounds. Most landscape designs include common hardscape elements like patios and walkways.

    If you’ve always dreamed of a backyard patio, or a walkway that winds its way around your home in northern Virginia, let us know! Your expert Grigg designer will talk with you about your options, such as random run flagstone, irregular flagstone, concrete pavers and brick — all of which can be set ‘dry’ in stone dust, or ‘wet’ on concrete.

    Retaining Walls

    Want a wall? We can give you a wall.

    Talk with a member of the Grigg Design team about the difference between retaining and decorative garden walls, and which is right for your landscape. Over the years, we’ve constructed walls made from dry stack stone, and stone-veneered concrete; we can cap stone walls with flagstone, and leave others natural. Whatever your aesthetic preference, all walls are fitted with any necessary drainage to ensure lasting placement.

    Fountains, Fireplaces & Fieldstone

    Oh my!

    Sometimes, a landscape needs… something. Something special, an accent or a focal point, in order to feel finished. And boy, as much as we love color and sequence and texture, we love features even more! We’ll build you a fountain, a fireplace, an outdoor kitchen made of fieldstone.

    Meet the newest member of the Grigg Design & Build team, Patrick Corken, at the Remodel + Garden Show, Dulles Expo Center, February 27–March 1.

    Make plans to stop by the Capital Remodel + Garden Show at the Dulles Expo Center this weekend, February 27–March 1, where Purdue-educated expert horticulturist Patrick Corken, and the Grigg Design team will be standing by — in booth #842 — to say hello, to answer questions, and to turn landscape dreams into reality.

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