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Landscape Designer in Arlington Virginia

Arlington VA Landscape DesignGrigg Design is a full service landscape designer in Arlington, VA.  We have been the go-to design and build firm in the Arlington area since the late 1980s.

From conception to completion our primary focus is providing Arlington VA (22201, 22202, 22203) residents with a finished, fully functional landscape. When you contact Grigg Design the first thing we will do is set up an on-site interview to assess your home and talk about ideas and options available. We’ll ask a lot of questions regarding how you want to use the landscape, how much entertaining you do, if you have favorite plants and even favorite colors.

Blending the creative and the practical is what we do best. Landscaping is the process by which you take a structure and tie it to the existing surrounding landscape so that everything looks attractively natural. Ideally, when you get through, people will look at the house and say “that house just fits the setting.”

There are several principals in attaining a unified design. They are simplicity, scale, variety, sequence, balance, and emphasis. Using a combination of these principals while using the different colors, textures and forms of plants is how you get the perfect landscape.

Not to be forgotten is budget. We can provide guidance with regards to cost and also design projects so that they can be done all at once or in phases. All of these factors are considered before your Virginia Certified landscape designer starts the design of your personal landscape project.

The Hardscape is your usable part of the landscape. Driveways, sidewalks, patios and retaining walls all fall under this category. Hardscapes need to be planned well. The style of the hardscape as well as the material used all need to compliment the home and the surrounding landscape. The proper base will insure the surface stays true to grade. If there is a lot of elevation change a retaining wall can make the space more usable while also providing some definition to the space.

Stone Patio & Walkway Design Services

Stone Patios Alexandria VA

  • Patios & walkways share a number of the same ‘decision’ points such as materials, method of construction and that the overall sizing can expand and contract to fit a particular budget.
  • Multiple materials are used in patio and walks design such as run flagstone, irregular flagstone, concrete pavers and brick.
  • All of our patio & walkways have been set either ‘dry’ (such as in stone dust) or ‘wet’ on concrete.
  • We provide descriptions of each project with the patios & walkways pictures.
  • During the initial visit to your site your designer will discuss your options on the materials, etc. for your walk or patio and will also be ready to offer suggestions.

Hardscaping & Landscaping Services

Grigg Design is Arlington’s leader in installing courtyards, patios, walkways, steps and driveways with concrete pavers or natural flagstone. We specialize in installing low maintenance landscapes with focus on outdoor living areas, giving you more time to enjoy your back yard retreat instead of working in it.

Arlington VA Retaining Wall installation companies 22201, 22202, 2203

  • Flagstone Pavers
  • Dry Stack Stone Walls
  • Stone Patio and Walkway Design & Build
  • Retaining Wall Design & Build
  • “Features” such as a fountain, art work or a custom built structure like outdoor fireplaces, fire pits or outdoor kitchen areas

Thank you for your interest in Grigg Design, Arlington’s best landscaping company, and for visiting our website. If you would like to speak with someone about an upcoming project that you might have in mind, please feel free to call us at 703-368-7539 or fill out our contact form and we will respond right away.

Remodeling and Home Design

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